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Timmur Chhop

Timur Ko Chop

Garlic Timmur Chhop

Garlic Timmur Chhop also mainly known as Timur Ko Chop is unique blend of spices and is one of the popular staple in Nepali kitchen. The star of this spice mix is the Timur pepper shipped from the Himalayan region of Nepal, a zesty and citrusy pepper variety that adds a distinctive flavor profile to any dish it graces. What makes our garlic timmur chhop unique from traditional timur ko chop is the addition of garlic which makes it even more flavorful.
Our chhop seamlessly integrates into various recipes, giving you the freedom to experiment and elevate your culinary creations. Elevate your cooking to an art form by incorporating Timur Ko Chop into your signature dishes. Whether you pair the spice with Nepalese Dal Bhat, noodles like Thukpa, Thentuk, Chow mein or any meals, it will elevate your dining experience. Whether you're a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, this spice blend empowers you to infuse your creations with an unmistakable flavor that leaves a lasting impression.

100% Vegetarian
Net Weight: 200g (7.05 oz)
Product of Nepal

Nutritional Facts



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