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Chilli Garlic Mix

Introducing our mouth-watering Chilli Garlic Mix, a perfect blend of fiery chili and aromatic garlic that will take your taste buds on a flavor-packed adventure. Our Chilli Garlic Mix is expertly crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring a harmonious balance of heat and zest that will elevate any dish to new culinary heights. This mix is a versatile condiment and flavor enhancer used in a wide range of dishes, such as stir-fries, noodle dishes, fried rice, grilled meats, seafood, and vegetable preparations. To use our mix, simply sprinkle it on your favorite dishes to add extra heat and a hint of garlic goodness.
These mix offers a well-balanced combination of spicy heat from the chili peppers and the bold, savory, and aromatic notes of garlic.
Try our Chilli Garlic Mix today and discover the perfect balance of chili and garlic that will leave your taste buds begging for more.
Unleash your culinary creativity and savor the bold flavors of our spice mix, crafted with passion and care by 4G Food Industry.

100% Natural and Organic
No added preservatives or flavor enhancer


Available in two different packaging sizes (by weight) – 200g and 500g



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